Saturday, February 7, 2009


I’ve observed that motivation feeds on momentum.So I started thinking about how momentum is built and sustained:

A plan to “achieve an objective” (succeed) in advance of the “doing of the thing” is the starting place within which momentum can take root and grow. I founded and created this networking group called COFFEEVENT with Mike Dunn. We had an idea that was bigger than both of us. We committed to meeting over the course of the first few weeks and put together a plan for the growth of the group and fed on the vision of what it was to become. Mike and I had seen it done before in other settings and with other groups and that sustained our vision. The definition of effective team synergy is when two in collaboration can “become three” and then Leigh Le Creux and many others joined in and have made it what it is today, a thriving business referral and idea exchange community!If we “envision the win” in detail it happens with greater ease. It’s not enough just to set a goal. It’s more important to play it out in the mind ahead of time the day before or morning before the appointment or event happens. There’s power in the rehearsal in the thought realm that helps “carry it out” fluidly and effortlessly in reality. Another building block of momentum is to be “focused, engaged and committed” in the moment. Simply “be” in the moment, not behind or ahead but “in”. It involves listening, absorbing, intent convergence of thought and action.

“Buying-in” is also important. If I invest in my company, enterprise or mission, monetarily, with my time or visually, I have a proprietary interest. That propriety reads through in my presentation, collaboration and enthusiasm for the product or service. What are your thoughts about the relationship between motivation and momentum. What do you feel are the building blocks of momentum?

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  1. in reality you cannot have momentum without motivation. A few years ago i was asked to provide a Elvis concert for a 50 anniversary of my toastmaster club. It was Jan and the anniversary was at the end of March. I was 20 pounds away from evening getting into my jumpsuit that had been unused for 13 years. I said yes at the MOTIVATION to do two things. One the performance and getting into shape as the second.

    As I began doing a new form of exercise, superslow, MOMENTUM kicked in. The night before the concert I tried to get into the jumpsuit and it fit perfectly. Goal, motivation and momentum do work together inperfect harmony.